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The past months have been intense, and we would like to start by thanking all Nova Scotians for working together to reduce the spread of the virus!




To make sure we are reducing and stopping the spread of the virus, we have new protocols to assure your safety and ours.


Your experience at the beginning might be different, but we guaranty the ultimate fun with your family, friends, or colleagues in our Magical Room or the Train Heist.

As this is teamwork, we both have to work together to assure our safety. The following are new steps we are taking to assure your safety during your time with us:

  • Bookings will remain private;

  • Increased times between each booking to allow us to deep clean (bleach), between each experience;

  • Hand sanitizer station in our entry;

  • Staff will wear masks at all time;

  • Presentations will be offered in our board game café to respect the 6 feet distance between us and our guests.


What we ask of you:

  • All players in your group respect the health restrictions and guideline;

  • The masks are mandatory in the premises, once inside the room you can remove them;

  • To sanitize and wash your hands upon your arrival;

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your game so we can verify your identification and your proof of vaccinations. 

  • If you have any symptoms, feeling unwell, or have traveled outside the province within 14 days, to immediately contact us to reschedule your booking.


As a family business, we will do everything in our power to give you the most unique experience, as well as make you feel safe in our establishment. If you require any more attention or have any questions, please contact us at 902-461-9360 or email at


We are so excited to be open and give you an amazing adventure!


Rebecca and Yann

Tic Tac Go Escape Room and Games

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