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per person

3 - 7




You are a student in the most prestigious school of wizarding in the world where you are the only one awarded the most coveted dragon egg of all.


One night, your egg disappears from your room and your suspicions go straight to your Professor of Dark Magic who has been reciting incantations to get one.


Time is running out! Whoever sees the egg hatch will become the owner of the dragon. You gather the most talented wizards in your class to get into your professor's potion room.


Once you enter, you trigger a spell that locks you in the room and alerts your teacher. You know he is in the Forest of Toads which is located one hour away from the school, with a group of students. You will have an hour, not a second more before he returns.


Will you be able to find your egg on time and escape or will you lose your precious egg forever?


* This room is not recommended for children under 13, the level of difficulty is harder and the room is dark.

* If 2 persons do this room, the price charged will be of 3 adults tickets

** Recommended for at least 3 adults

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